These are a few of the value-added services we provide:
  • Engineering

    We’ll design the best formwork solution for your project requirements, converting site plans to 3-D CAD models of all forming components for detailed review of your project proposal and approval. We work to facilitate the fastest cycle rates possible. 

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  • Technical Support / Training

    Technical support team members are at the core of Western Forms’ primary mission: solving customer problems. We perform onsite programs that set up production lines to rapidly mass produce foundations, commercial concrete structures, and concrete homes. This training provides unskilled labor new skillsets to cycle the forms more efficiently. Through this support, our customers are able to achieve higher return rates on their forming system investment.

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  • Shell Optimization

    We specify and recommend changes to your concrete shells to standardize your formwork investment and reduce labor. These recommendations allow you to get the most use out of your forming systems across both current and future projects.

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  • Retro Kits

    Our systems are designed to be adaptable and flexible in order to construct a wide variety of concrete structures – from single or multi-family concrete homes to buildings and commercial structures. Formwork sets are modular and can be adapted and configured to suit multiple plans.

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  • Financial Services

    We provide financial options that enable customers to access services from a variety of solid, reputable financial partner resources. They can help arrange medium- or long-term funds through direct credits and/or credit guarantees for the projects that qualify.

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  • Web Inspection Meetings

    We make it easy for you to inspect orders and/or receive live briefings from our plant via webcasts. This pre-delivery, quality-control process allows you to review forms and components in advance to assure order accuracy and prevent re-orders or post-delivery corrections.

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  • Logistics

    We coordinate and arrange the most cost-effective shipment of your product order.

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  • Concrete Association Affiliations

    Since 1955, Western Forms has always endeavored to support and work with the United States leading concrete organizations to promote below and above grade residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure and institutional concrete applications.

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