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Project Category

Residential / Commercial

Structure Type

Below Grade Foundations



System Used

Elite, Gasket, Flagship, Patriot, Vertex, Durand Value, and BEP Crane-set Gang Forming Systems


Lightweight, Durable, Cost Effective Solutions. Western Forms weigh 15% - 25% less and outlast other forming systems due to their advanced design and superior bracing. Contractors add PinLock Attached Hardware to Elite, Gasket and Flagship forms to reduce setting and stripping time up to 30% vs. using Pins and Wedges.

Western Aluminum Forms are made in the USA with American materials, designed to reduce labor, crew hours, and length of projects while still providing high quality structures.   |   To view carousel of foundations, click arrows in lower right corner of image above.

The reasons to make the switch to aluminum concrete forms are numerous, but so are the differences in aluminum forming system manufacturers.  Choosing the right manufacturer allows you to get the most out of your investment and your business. These pictures represent only a small gamut of poured wall concrete contractors using our forms for basements.  

As the inventors of aluminum concrete forms, Western Forms continues to produce high-quality, high-performance products. All components of Western Forms - from products and services to technical support and financial programs - are designed to help you achieve your business goals cost-effectively. Western Forms offers you the most comprehensive selection of aluminum concrete forming systems on the market, with unparalleled financial service programs, including special leasing opportunities. 

Are YOU Ready to Make the Transition?   Aluminum vs. Wood Forms:

Wondering how aluminum forms hold up against wood forms for concrete walls?  Take them head-to-head and find out:

*Aluminum forms set faster than wood forms, using 33% less hardware and ties. And, when making a switch to the superior system, there’s minimal retraining because it keeps the same basic layout principles.  From setting 3 feet at a time instead of 2, breaking ties once instead of twice, to not needing to set & strip grade nails, these are some small things that translate to a few man hours per job in labor savings.

*Aluminum concrete forms last longer than wood forms . They are hard at work on your projects for years, not just months, allowing you to realize greater cost savings with fewer purchases.

*Aluminum concrete forms allow a choice in hardware systems, including affordable attached hardware options.  Wood forms don’t provide the chance to compare or change.

*Aluminum concrete forms do not require nails, reducing both your hardware expense and your risk of nail-related accidents. 

*Aluminum forms pour better-looking walls, increasing your opportunities for new & repeat business.

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