Aluminum Concrete Forms

Ready to Pour: Smooth and Brick Used Aluminum Concrete Forms for Sale 

Western Forms has an inventory of pre-owned, fully reconditioned concrete wall forms for sale. All previously used equipment is thoroughly inspected and repaired to ensure you receive structurally sound and functional forms and accessories. When repairs are needed, we repair welds, bushings, dents and bowing.

We are the market leader in refurbishing & selling used concrete forms. 
Call us at 816-777-3956 or Email Us with Your Form List.   

PACKAGE #3 FOR SALE:   Textured Brick Forms 

Complete Gigantic Form List:   Tex Brick Used Sale 2018.pdf

8' & 9' Textured Brick Set for you old schoolers out there.    $45,000 plus Taxes plus Freight ... or as we say  A BARGAIN!   
You want used concrete wall forms delivered to your door, you call Western Forms at 816-777-3956.   

Textured Brick Concrete FormsTextured Brick Concrete Forms (2)

PACKAGE FOR SALE:   1' Vertex Brick Concrete Forms. 
Brick Cappers !  

1' vertex brick concrete forms.  Full package is listed here:  1' vertex nom used sale 2018.pdf

$26,000 + Taxes + Freight and you can have these 1' cappers ready for your brick walls!   

1' Vertex Cap Forms


We have a set of the best concrete forms on the market, Elite Western line, in our yard ready to be shipped.  

View Full List 

PACKAGE  (SOLD DEC 2018 !) :    

4'  B GRADE SMOOTH ALUMINUM CONCRETE FORMS, Fillers, True/Full Corners      $48,000 + Freight & Taxes 

We have a beautiful B Grade with A Grade smooth aluminum form set we are looking to sell - 100 full size panels, fillers, and True Corners....  $48,000 + Freight + Taxes      Call us at 816-777-3956 and ask about package #1.  

 View the Full list for Package #1:   4' smooth true used sale 2018.pdf

Smooth 4' Used concrete forms4' Foot smooth Forms 6-12 (3)

PACKAGE   (SOLD NOV 2018 !) :   

$80,000 + Taxes + Freight 
8'  B GRADE Vertex Brick Forms, Fillers, True/Full Corners 

Vertex Brick Forms

Vertex Brick Forms 8'

Pre-sale inspection of our concrete wall forms

You’re encouraged to visit our Kansas City headquarters to browse items before you buy concrete forms of any quality. If you cannot make the trip, we can take a picture of the inventory and allow you to waive physical inspection of prospective items before final purchase.

Trade-ins for cash or upgrade 

Don’t wait until your concrete forms are completely worn or damaged beyond effective use. Take the opportunity to trade them in and upgrade now. We’ll be happy to work with you to help you take advantage of the latest technologies that have made Western Forms the industry leader.  

If you prefer, receive cash

We’ll evaluate the condition of your used aluminum forms, and if they qualify, we’ll buy them. We perform the industry’s most thorough evaluation of used forms and rate them for dents, breakage, concrete build-up, or broken welds to determine the fair-market value. Western Forms will also purchase aluminum concrete forms manufactured by competitors.  We may not like 'em but we don't shy away from 'em either ! 

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