Aluminum Concrete Forms

Elite™ Forms represent the best of the best

The Elite forming system is our top-of-the-line product, whether used for foundations, residential/commercial construction or precast. They are an ideal example of the workmanship, innovative features and unrivaled design advantages that only Western Forms offers. 

Take a close look at the productivity-enhancing characteristics of this industry-leading form and you’ll understand why all other forms are mere imitations.  

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Elite Feature & Benefits

  • Gasket / Flat Siderails

    Increases form life by eliminating unnecessary concrete buildup (to reduce hammer blows) and simplify cleaning.

  • PinLock™ Attached Hardware

    Experience up to 30% time-savings when setting and stripping forms with PinLock, reducing the number of lost pins and wedges.

  • Backbone

    Reduces pillowing and reverse bow throughout the life of the form, resulting in flatter walls every pour.

  • Pan-L-Cure™

    Pan-L-Cure is the #1 pre-seasoning process that helps reduce reaction and concrete stickage on initial pours.

  • Corner Gussets

    For added strength at critical, pressure-vulnerable corners.

  • Hat Sections

    Superior bracing with the widest hat in the industry for extra rigidity, combating deflection and pillowing, providing flatter walls.

  • Precision Welding

    More resistance to failure with total perimeter welding and up to twice the welds of competitors’ forms.

  • 3-Hole Spring-Tension Bushings

    Allow ease of stacking and eliminates the need to remove PinLock. Added versatility with more holes for filler pins, tools, and extra ties.

  • Form Handles

    For a quick grasp and simple lift.

  • Standard PinLock™ Baseplates

    Protects face sheet from hammer blows when using pins & wedges and accommodates PinLock™ Attached Hardware.

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