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Welcome!  Western Forms invented and manufactures aluminum concrete forms for walls and is vested heavily in the residential concrete foundation market; however, the applications that our concrete forms can be used for is incredibly diverse from box culverts in precast plants across the US to concrete homes in Mexico & the Dominican Republic.  We invented the Original Aluminum Concrete Form for Poured Concrete Walls back in the 1960's – other imitators have struggled along in our wake and have survived the downturns in the economy and housing market, but nobody has sold more aluminum concrete wall forms than Western Forms...and with good reason!   

With a slew of patents, each decade Western Forms improve the original form of the 60’s to meet the needs of concrete foundation contractors, housing developers, & precast plant managers, TODAY!   

Call Us Today at 816-777-3956 to connect with a sales rep in your area to learn more.  We have been and are committed to expanding into new markets & industries as the market leader in concrete forming technology.  

The Original Western Aluminum Concrete Form comes in sizes 1 foot to 10 feet in height, and from  1" to 36" in width.  

One of the first decisions, beyond just deciding what height and thickness you'll need for your walls, is selecting from Concrete Wall Forms with a Smooth or Brick Pattern Facesheet.                   

Another criteria a poured wall concrete contractor will need to decide, is the hole pattern they want for concrete forms.  The two most popular are 6-12 and 8-8 hole patterns.  The 6-12 is the most preferred and common hole pattern today in the aluminum concrete forms market, but many builders have a large volume of 8-8 concrete wall forms and prefer the 8-8.   The first number (6" or 8") refers to the distance in inches between the corner of the form to the center of the first hole, and the second number refers to the distance to the next hole thereafter.  Each hole pattern comes with prescribed tie chart giving recommendations for tie placement to avoid blowouts & other problems.     

The decision to consider purchasing aluminum concrete forms, upgrading from steel ply or alternative forms, to Western Aluminum Concrete Wall Forms is not a position taken lightly.  Aluminum concrete forms are more expensive initially than steel ply or alternative options, but if you are pouring 25 concrete walls a year or more or have intentions of "amping up operations", aluminum is an option that allows you to set, pour, and strip quicker, use & lose less consumables, and maintain the quality of both your concrete forms & finished walls from year to year, rather than month to month.  

Just like everything in life: initial costs can be deceiving & Quality is King


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