Decorative Concrete Wall Forms with a Brick Facesheet 

Concrete Wall Forms with a decorative vertex or textured facesheet provide an option for brick pattern walls.  In many markets,  large tract homebuilders prefer a textured or vertical brick wall.   Western Concrete Wall Forms with a Vertical or Textured Brick Facesheet provide a solution for thousands of poured walls!  

Pour an attractive, architecturally ready brick pattern with Vertex Brick concrete form panels. With the deepest texture available, you’ll provide a realistic brick appearance with hidden form seams and joints. Vertex forms are easy to strip, are available in a variety of form panels, including those with PinLock™ Attached Hardware, and they last for thousands of pours. 

Decorative Brick

Western Vertex & Textured Concrete Wall Forms are Available in Heights 1' to 10', and widths from 1/4" shims but more typically  1" to 36" widths.  

Sizes of Concrete Wall Forms

Features that Differentiate the Western Forms Brick Wall Form 


Assists in moving your ties up and down to clear rebar, electrical, and plumbing considerations.

3 Hole Bushing 800x540 0001.jpg


Gasket increases concrete form life and reduces cleaning costs daily. Gasket eliminates concrete leaks through unused tie slots and pinholes in your concrete wall forms. Without the gasket, concrete leaks on to the hat sections on the backside of the panel and builds up on the siderails.      A Western Forms Exclusive ! 

Gasket Siderail 0001 800 x 540 001.jpg


Standard baseplates accommodate PinLock™ attached hardware system components.


PinLock™ is faster and easier to use than other attached hardware systems. This innovative self-cleaning, self-lubricating seal system makes operation smooth. PinLock™ eliminates 90% of standard pin & wedges needed. You will experience a considerable increase in productivity, saving up to 25% setting and up to 20% stripping time, while reducing lost hardware. This system also reduces new employee training time by 95%. The Western Forms bushing has a Lifetime Guarantee when used in conjunction with PinLock™.

PinLock Final 11-29-17 900x450 0001.jpg


Just one more of the many Western Forms firsts, for added durability in a form that typically lasts over 3,000 reuses

PREMIUM HAT on Concrete Forms 

Western Forms Hat provides superior bracing with the widest hat in the industry. The span between the hats are 5 1/2”  and competitors’ panels are 6” to 10”.  Concrete forms provide continuous contact with the face sheet for extra rigidity combating deflection and pillowing, providing flatter concrete walls.


Only Western  Aluminum Concrete Forms offers pickup handles for a simple lift of these extremely efficient concrete forms.


All Elite, Gasket, & Flagship concrete forms feature a full backbone to provide additional stability that also reduces pillowing and reverse bow throughout the life of the form, resulting in flatter walls every pour.


Reduces maintenance and concrete buildup. Contractors eliminate the extra time needed to break-in new forms with this exclusive pre-seasoning process. 


16 Line Welds are more resistant to failure with up to twice the welds of competitors’ forms. All 900 mm horizontal hats are welded in 16 places - giving you more welds where the bulk of the stress occurs.


Eliminate unnecessary concrete buildup and simplify cleaning with flat siderails, on Western Concrete Forms systems. 

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