Concrete Forms with an 8-8 Hole Pattern 

The 8-8 hole pattern makes the transition from block masonry to poured walls easier than any alternative concrete forming system. 

A standard concrete block is 8x16 so switching to concrete forms with an 8" hole pattern just makes sense as a transitional step to poured walls. The aluminum concrete form market, however, has switched gradually to the 6-12 hole pattern... making availability of used 8-8 forms harder to come by.  

Nevertheless, the 8-8 concrete form is something we sell frequently in certain markets.  Many contractors with a high volume of 8-8 equipment will tell you, "If it aint broke, don't fix it!"  

An Elite Western 36" x 108" 8-8 with a .094 facesheet weighs less than competitor concrete forms at 85 pounds.  We also offer a .120 facesheet in both 6-12 and 8-8 hole patterns.    

Recommended Tie placement for the 8-8 Concrete Form System: 

8-8 Tie Chart Concrete Forms
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