Concrete Foundation Forms

Western Forms concrete foundation forms are the gold standard and the original aluminum form.  

With over 60 years of experience, your investment in the original aluminum concrete foundation form  is a SAFE INVESTMENT  &  with Proper Care can Last 3000 Pours or More! 

  • Unlike many of our competitors, Western's concrete foundation forms have been field tested, adapted, and changed decade to decade, patent to patent.  Each change reflects the need of that generations concrete contractor. 
  • Western provides its customers options in concrete foundation forms: attached hardware on the forms themselves saves 5+ hours per job and replaces the pin and wedge in a majority of applications.  
  • Contractors appreciate the patented Gasket that prevents concrete leakage on the siderail.  Your investment in one or more sets of forms will last longer as your crew will not be pounding on the siderail trying to finish cleanup quickly!  
  •  Western Concrete Foundation Forms are lighter than competitor sets:  a 36 x 108" Elite panel weighs 85 pounds.  Ranging in heights from 1' to 10' and in widths 1" and under to 36", Western forms are versatile.  

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  • Western Forms are easy to transport, whether by a standard basket that you can purchase direct from us or by truck. 
  • Western offers onsite training to new customers: how to set & strip your concrete foundation forms, best practices for maintenance, etc. 
  • We offer the warranty of all warranties: If you take good care of your concrete foundations forms, they don't fit the bill, Western will buy them back from you !   
  • No one has sold more Aluminum Concrete Foundation Forms than Western Forms - whether brick or smooth concrete forms, we are in a majority of markets across the US where basements are poured !  


  • No one sells more used aluminum concrete foundation forms than Western Forms.    
  • Western Forms partners with different financial companies to offer assistance for the upfront cost of a set of concrete forms.  
  • Western Forms pour smooth walls, but we also offer decorative vertex & textured brick concrete foundation forms as many tract builders request that for basements.  
  • Western Forms are ideal for contractors pouring at least 30-50 basements a year, or for those looking to amp up operations.  Some of our customers are lucky to work in markets with abundant labor, others are looking for forms that can help increase efficiency and do more with less.  

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