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Throughout the world, more than five million residential and commercial structures have been built using the con-tech Cast Aluminum Forming System.  These patented concrete forms increase efficiency and reduce costs while enabling contractors and developers to deliver structures of superior quality and aesthetic appeal.

 con-tech® Brick

The traditional Brick Texture finishing is performed in high relief, unlike panels with brick finishing from other systems, providing an excellent brick finishing.  Different from fabricated systems, the brick finishing surface of con-tech ® is an integral part of the panel structure. As a result, the finishing doesn’t degrade and produces high quality concrete pours throughout its lifetime. 

Con-tech® Adobe


Adobe texture finishing, combines the best features from con-tech® Smooth and Brick in a contemporary finishing. Adobe high relief texture panels may be used for general applications or to accomplish the most progressive designs.

Con-tech® Smooth


Forms from con-tech® with a smooth face, thanks to their casting process in one individual piece, eliminates “pillowing ” problems and deflection.  Each panel is dimensional precise; minimizes concrete surface imperfections, specially in the joints between the panels, and produces a high quality uniform concrete structure.