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Monolithic Beam-Column-Slab System

Monolithic Beam-Column-Slabs offer builders who are interested in reducing forming , pouring and finishing time by providing an adjustable precision forming system that eliminates custom forming details and otherwise required fit-up tolerances when Beams, Columns and Slabs are cast separate from each other.

The forming reuse factors dramatically increased when modular design criteria can be anticipated and adapted in the formwork design.

Forming inventory is substantially reduced since the modular design is easily adapted to fit a variety of sizing requirements.

Handset assembling the completely modular, light weight Beam-Column-Slab forming system as one unit allows for variations in column sizes, beam depths, and floor slab thicknesses with the same equipment ….. from floor to floor or project to project.

Optional attached hardware systems improve productivity reducing lost hardware expenses and greatly improves jobsite safety.

All components are manufactured from lightweight aluminum with no form parts weighing more than 60lbs.(27 kilos)

Potential users of this system will appreciate the fact that 90% of the elevated slab forming system and beam sill forms can also be used be used in vertical wall forming applications.

The entire forming system is gasketed at 95% of all form seams providing a nearly blemish free formed surface equal to that of new form-ply.

Alum-A-Ply™ Column Forms

Alum-A-Ply™ Column Forms Column Forms with "U-Collar"

Product Features

Slab/Column/Beam Systems

Slab/Column/Beam Systems are designed especially for monolithically pouring all three at the same time.

Product Features

Beam Form

Beam Form Western Forms' beam systems can be assembled in many configurations to pour a variety of beam sizes with the same form. So you can reduce your investment and increase your productivity!

Product Features

Slabs - Elevated Flat

Slabs - Elevated Flat - Western Forms’ aluminum forming systems allow you to pour quality slabs in less time.

Product Features

Column Form Systems

Column Form Systems form square columns monolithically with concrete beams.

Product Features