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Bridge Dia-Fram™ Forms

Western's Dia-Fram™ bridge beam in-fill forms create cast-in-place concrete beam stabilizers between precast beams in bridge projects. The forming system is adjustable in both width and height .  This makes it easy to accomodate placement and shape deviations in the precast concrete beams. Dia-Fram™  forms are made from lightweight aluminum.  All necessary hardware is attached, which is ideal for working in tight quarters above traffic or water . Contractors report substantially better carpenter productivity compared with the usual practice of fabricating wood forms on-site.

Typical section view of the Dia-Fram™ form

 Dia-fram™ forms being assembled between two precast bridge beams.

Dia-Fram™ forms being stripped from the concrete diaphram., viewed from the top side of the bridge deck.

Multiple diaphragm forms cast at the same time, viewed from the underside of the bridge deck..

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