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Waffle Slab and Floor Joist Forming

Waffle Slab Forms

Western produces custom prefabricated lightweight aluminum waffle slab forms to user specifications.  The aluminum waffle slab form is made with special provisions to facilitate stripping even when holes are drilled into the form. The quality of the finish is comparable to similar forms made of fiberglass and other materials. Yet durability and cost-effectiveness are higher.  Unlike fiberglass, UV light from the sun does not deteriorate the form surface.  The consistent, durable forms are easy to arrange precisely.  They nest closely for convenient stacking in the minimum space.  The tapered shape, light weight, and special interior pulling lugs make stripping easy.  All Western Forms fabricated waffle forms are continuously welded and internally braced to insure a long useful life.

Floor Joist Forming 

Tired of squeaky wood floors?  Build your home with concrete floors with this solid solution.  The five step process is pictured below.  Floor joist slab forms are set in place.  Once the forms are set the next step is to set the reinforcing steel.  As soon as the steel is in position then it is time to pour the concrete. When the concrete is cured the forms are removed to leave the concrete floor joists in place for the structure. Fast, quality construction to last a lifetime.