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Elevated Flat Slabs / Ceiling Forming

Reinforcing steel is placed and the concrete poured with standard methods.

Western has designed a forming system for elevated slabs that is ideal for the job and compatible with its wall forms at the same time.

The forms are lightweight for easy handling overhead.  This is made possible by Western's efficient aluminum construction (weighing 3.5lbs/sf).   and a smaller form length than standard wall forms. Assembly is fast with the optional attached PinLockTM hardware system. The forms' superior capacity enables them to span up to 4’ (1200mm) with loads of 150lbs/sf without intermediate shoring. The unique ceiling support forming system allows up to 90% of the standard size ceiling forms (36”x48”, 900mmx1200mm) to be stripped daily.  

The ceiling forms are designed to connect easily to Western's wall forms.  And these same ceiling forms have the flexibility to be used as wall forms in places where their shorter lengths are suitable.

Smaller ceiling forms are set in place easily.  Ceiling forms and ceiling support forms are erected and shoring installed.

Slabs - Elevated Flat

Slabs - Elevated Flat - Western Forms’ aluminum forming systems allow you to pour quality slabs in less time.

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