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Slabs On-Grade

A slab on grade is a concrete slab poured over excavated soil. This type of foundation with a concrete floor is placed directly on the soil. In warm climates, the edge of the slab is usually thicker and acts as the footing for the walls. Typically slabs are 4 to 8 inches in depth with the perimeter footing of 12 inches.


In cooler climates when vapor barriers, radiant heat and insulation are used the footing may require deeper depths.


With Western Forms Slab Forms you can easily accomplish this whether you are in Arizona or Colorado.


  • Standard sizes: 12 inches deep x 120 inches long. 8 inch and 4 inch depths are available.  Form lengths shorter than 10 feet are available in 1-foot increments.
  • Square inside corners and angle outside corners can be used when making turns.
  • They can be connected using PinLock or with Pin and Wedge.
  • The stakes go through the forms vertically and lock in place with Card Wedges to maintain elevation.
  • Adjustable Kickers placed at 40 inch spaces keep the forms straight when pouring concrete.
  • Slab Forms can be stacked.
  • Standard ties can be used to space them apart for short stem walls.
  • Western Forms Slab On-Grade Forms easily allow for garage drops with 2 inch spaced or slotted connections. This same spacing allows for drops in elevations if needed.
  • Anchors can be placed easily with clips or clamps to the 2-inch top rails.

If your projects include commercial structures and/or new homes requiring Slab On-Grade, contact one of our representatives to learn how Western Forms Slab Forming Systems can be more efficient and ultimately, more cost effective.

Call for more information toll free: 866-643-7959 USA  /  816-303-0425 Int'l.

Email: info@westernforms.com