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Concrete Form Ties

Breakback Tie

Breakback Tie Recommended for use in applications where exposed ties, flush to the wall surface, may cause rust staining.

Product Features

Parapet Tie

Parapet Tie The hardened steel. central pull tab, and horseshoe-shaped design on this tie give you an ideal solution for parapet application.

Product Features

Break-For-Brick Form Tie

Break-For-Brick Form Tie Designed specifically for use with Western Forms' Vertex Brick forming system to break off subsurface of the brick mortar joint and wall face.

Product Features

U Tie

U Tie Designed specifically for laydown forming applications, the U-Tie from Western Forms accommodates any hole pattern and all 2” deep aluminum forming systems. Allow for 48” overdig for form removal.

Product Features

Combination Form Tie

Combination Form Tie Specifically coined to break horizontally flush to the wall, one tie can be used for three different wall thicknesses.

Product Features

Western Form Tie

Western Form Tie The tie that set the standard in the aluminum forming industry, the Western Form Tie offers superior performance while still being easy to use. Its rod notch reduces the risk of rebar movement during the pouring process providing a better water seal and includes a location notch for placing horizontal reinforcing steel.

Product Features

Easy Strip Top Clip Tie

Easy Strip Top Clip Tie Put down your hammer and save wear & tear on your crew and your forms! The special vertical break-off feature of the Easy Strip Top Clip Tie allows easy stripping of aluminum top clips and waler boards. Note: Use with Aluminum Top Clip Waler Bracket

Product Features

Wire Base Tie

Wire Base Tie A low-cost alternative to the U-tie, the Wire Base Tie is designed specifically for laydown forming applications.

Product Features

Offset Tie

Offset Tie Use an Offset Tie when the joints in the wall forms do not line up. Intersecting walls do not always come together at a 90° angle preventing wall form joints from lining up perpendicular to each other. For this, or any other reason, use an offset tie.

Product Features

Z Tie

Z Tie The same quality and high performance found in the Western Form Tie is available in the Z-Tie. Allows one-foot offsets to be easily set.

Product Features