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Precast Forming

Western's aluminum forming systems provide precasters with flexible, first-quality equipment at a small initial cost.  To start, precasters can buy the minimum equipment to make a few high-value products.  Because of the system's modularity, adding more pieces later expands the range of items that can be produced.  All Western forming systems are of highest quality for great smooth finishes and industry-leading labor productivity.  With proper form care Western Forms contractors have used the systems for over 3,000 pours.

These photos show how the inside forms easily set for box inside and outside forms set for box outside.

The three-foot wide aluminum forms are lightweight and easy for one person to hand set. This increases production and reduces overhead.Western Forms builds only the most durable panels with industry-best materials for everyday rugged use and years of dependable service.


Concrete contractors set-up and pour on-site or inside using the Flagship aluminum forming system family, along with the Westerns patented PinLockTM Attached Hardware System. These systems are designed and proven to provide outstanding labor efficiency and productivity. Only Western Forms offer the patented preseasoning process known as Pan-L-Cure that shortens the break-in period required with other aluminum forms.

These modular systems are designed for easy stacking and flexible filler combinations. The forms are available from 1’ to 10’ heights in one-foot increments and in widths of 1” to 36” in one-inch increments. Special forms are also available to suit custom precast applications.


Many contractors successfully set-up and pour precast structures indoors and deliver a diverse variety of structures year-round.

Call Western Forms Precast specialist, Chris Ward, to review your custom precast plans and discover how these systems can increase your productivity.  Toll-free 866-643-7959 (US) or 816-303-0425 (Int'l.).


Precast Haunched Corner

Precast Haunched Corner Haunched corners form two 45 degree angles in the corner (instead of one 90 degree) allowing for additional steel and concrete which helps prevent cracking.

Product Features

Precast Ledger Forms

Precast Ledger Forms Ledger forms are used at the top of the interior form opposite the header form.

Product Features

Precast Header

Precast Header Use at the top of the exterior form to shape the projection found on the male end of a box culvert.

Product Features

Precast Pallet Forms

Precast Pallet Forms Pallets are placed at the bottom against the face of the inside form. Pallets are used to form the female end of a box culvert.

Product Features

Precast Header Corner

Precast Header Corner Use at the top outside interior corner of the exterior forms. Used to form the corner portion of the projection on the male end of a box culvert.

Product Features

Precast Step Riser Form

Precast Step Riser Form The step riser form features cones inserted into pre-drilled holes to make the perfect indentation in the concrete to accommodate step rungs. Never again worry about misaligning holes, hitting rebar, or extra labor required to form ladders.

Product Features