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Ledger Forming

Western Forms Ledger forms are fully compatible with all Western Forms standard ceiling and beam form components.  Hole spacing is similar to standard wall form hole patterns.  Optional PinLock(TM) base plates allow recommended PinLock(TM) attached hardware to be added to form panels.  Form clips (loose hardware) can also be used for ceiling form / ceiling ledger connections.

 The photo shows a drop head beam form connection to the ceiling ledger form continuous pin slot grooves.  A specially adapted vice grip clamp makes a secure connection.  The drop head beam form also incorporates the same pin slot grooves for connection to the ceiling form.

Ledger Forming Systems

Ledger Forming components are available in multiple standard dimensions and can be customized to accommodate special dimension requirements.

The Ledger Systems are designed and manufactured to connect the wall forms, ceiling / slab forms and beam forms together to provide a Monolithic structure.

Western Forms Ledger Systems contain patented features that provide tight "fit up" of walls, ceilings and beams which require minimal finishing time of th ejust stripped shell.

Dimensions of Ledger Systems can be changed when new structure dimensions are created, so as to allow existing standard wall forms and ceiling forms inventory to accommodate new projects. 

Ledger Systems Dimension Chart

drawing of ledger with H = height and W = width


Ledger Forming Systems

Description (in mm) Available widths (mm) HeightH1 (mm) DepthW2 (mm)

Ceiling Ledger 300 x 150

100 - 2700 300 150
Ceiling Ledger 200 x 100 100 - 2700 200 100
Ceiling Ledger 100 x 100 100 - 2700 100 100
Knife Ledger 150 100 - 2700 8 150


Knife Ledger Systems

Western Forms developed and invented the Knife Ledger System for Ledger Forming in 1985.  The benefits of the Knife Ledger System is faster cycle time due to fewer pieces of formwork and less accessories to assemble.

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Knife Ledger

Knife Ledger Ever since Western Forms developed the Knife Ledger 25 years ago, contractors have been saving time on the job site with fewer pieces for formwork, less hardware to assemble and faster cycle times on projects.

Product Features

Ledger Systems

Ledger Systems Ledger Systems form the concrete between the wall forms and the elevated slab forms. Click Product Features below to find drawing and standard dimensions under Product Spec Sheet.

Product Features