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Door Systems

Western forming systems accomodate all three of the major methods of creating a door opening: door molds, cast-in-place door frames, and Bulkhead forms.

Western Forms door jamb molds are adjustable.  They can be paired with site-built Header Forms, which allow the contractor to adjust the door width at the job site.  Good door mold installation requires the wall to be precisely aligned horizontally and plumbed vertically to ensure the door can be properly installed.  Quality Western Forms systems help achieve this precision.  A proper installation includes both bottom and top Horizontal Walers.  Western Forms Door Bulkheads with a Door Header form are also available.

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Blockback Bulkhead Form

Blockback Bulkhead Form Use two ways to form end of wall at door/window opening: 1. with concrete flush to corner. 2. with concrete to a specified dimension from the form joint it is attached to.

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