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Column Forming

Square Columns

Western Forms provides aluminum-framed column forming systems with the choice of aluminum, plywood or composite plastic faces. All systems are rated for 2000PSF (9,750 KSM) safe working load. Aluminum framed column forms weigh only 3.5 pounds per square foot (17 kilos per square meter) and  produce flat concrete walls that meet the most stringent requirements.  A wide range of optional patented accessories and ancillary hardware (squaring corners, bolt-on aluminum chamfers, column hinges, and adjustable size) make them the fastest setting column systems available. Both hand- and crane-set systems are available.  Users report both systems cycle in less than 1 worker-hour per column including strip, move, set, pour and finishing time.

Aluminum face column form with only 2 braces required (shown right).


Lightweight aluminum 8” x 24” (200 mm x 600 mm) column forms weigh less than 75 pounds (34 Kilos) and are easily handled by one person.


Aluminum frame plywood-faced column forms provide a nailable surface for the attachment of inserts.


Aluminum-faced columns can be pumped from the bottom with a pump gate adapter.  This application is used to fire case structural steel columns.


Round Columns

Round aluminum column forms offer both light weight (3.5 lbs/ft2) and durability.  They provide an excellent concrete finish.  Round column forms are available in heights up to 10’ (3000 mm) and in diameters as small as 12” (300 mm) . Forms are provided in two half sections and fasten together with standard pins and wedges.

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Alum-A-Ply™ Column Forms

Alum-A-Ply™ Column Forms Column Forms with "U-Collar"

Product Features

Slab/Column/Beam Systems

Slab/Column/Beam Systems are designed especially for monolithically pouring all three at the same time.

Product Features

Column Form Systems

Column Form Systems form square columns monolithically with concrete beams.

Product Features