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Beam Forming

All beam and column formwork is assembled before the pour.

Western's beam form assembly includes vertical adjustment holes in the face of the beam ledger or perimeter beam wall forms.  This allows the user to adjust beam depth in increments of 25mm.  The sill forms are connected with either standard loose pin and wedge hardware, or attached beam sill pins and loose wedges.

The adjustablity of the system lets contractors form a wide range of beams with a single set of equipment.  This increases flexibility, reduces the required investment, and allows for a smaller inventory that is easier to manage.

The beam forms connect easily to Western's column forms.
The combined formwork allows for a quality monolithic pour.


Beam Ledgers stripped with remaining Seam Sill forms awaiting authorized removal by structural engineer.


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Beam Form

Beam Form Western Forms' beam systems can be assembled in many configurations to pour a variety of beam sizes with the same form. So you can reduce your investment and increase your productivity!

Product Features

Slab/Column/Beam Systems

Slab/Column/Beam Systems are designed especially for monolithically pouring all three at the same time.

Product Features