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The new benchmark in aluminum forming systems, the Premium offers the latest technological innovations to achieve new levels of longevity, durability, ease of use, and wall finish. The best forming system on the market from the industry leader.

All Premium wall forms come equipped with gaskets for two important benefits.  First, they prevent concrete from sticking to the side rail, which might tempt workers to use a hammer to knock the concrete off, damaging the form.  Second, the liquid and fine sand of the concrete mix stays on the wall.  This improves the finish of the concrete at the form joints, reducing finishing costs.

Premium panels with baseplates are ready to accept PinLockTM attached hardware (not included) to help you further increase productivity and reduce the expense of lost pin and wedges.

Standard handles at the top and bottom of the panel offer safety and stability when moving, setting, or stripping forms.

All panels are pre-seasoned at the factory with Pan-L-CureTM to ensure the best possible wall with the very first pour.

3-hole bushings are standard, and are found on the siderails and endrails for maximum versatility. Attach your cap forms with PinLock for monolithic pours.


Premium The best form that gives you competitive advantages. Click Product Features for details.

Product Features