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Precast Concrete

Box Culvert precast

Forms for versatile, efficient precasting

Western’s modular aluminum forming systems give precasters an excellent integrated method of creating a wide range of products.

Precasters can purchase just enough forms to produce a few items at first. More forms may be added at any point to expand the number of possible products. The old and new modular forms will integrate seamlessly. This controls cost and risk.
All form parts are precise and made of the best materials in the industry. Properly maintained, they last for thousands of pours without a loss of product quality. All the same services and innovations Western provides its site-cast customers come standard for precasters as well.

The systems are designed for flexibility. Interchangeable parts mix and match to create dozens of different precast products. This eliminates specialty parts, limits idle equipment, and minimizes equipment inventory.


Some of the precast products produced in volume with Western Forms equipment include: 

·         Box culverts
·         Grease interceptors for restaurants and kitchens
·         On-site wastewater treatment systems
·         Lift stations for stormwater conveyance
·         Underground utility vaults
All of these can be produced in a wide range of configurations and sizes, with the wide variety of features demanded by the market. All from one system.


Precasters constantly adapt the modular Western Forms aluminum forming systems to create ever more products. These systems make it easy and inexpensive to start up, easy and inexpensive to grow, and easy and inexpensive to respond creatively to the needs of the market.