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Contractors using concrete forms for concrete structures have preferred Western's aluminum forms to build concrete infrastructures around the world for over 60 years because these concrete forms are the most durable, light weight aluminum forms available. The founders of Western Forms invented the first aluminum forms for residential and commercial concrete structures, concrete foundations and cast-in-place concrete walls. Entire “aluminum form families” have been created to help contractors and builders decrease costs and improve the quality of the concrete structures they produce. Within Western Forms rich and successful history, the aluminum forms company has fulfilled the needs of contractors using concrete forms worldwide, by engineering and manufacturing concrete forming systems tailored to their specific requirements. 

Western manufactures concrete forms that incorporate over 20 patented features and processes producing extremely flat, smooth concrete walls. Western has been, by far, the leading edge concrete form manufacturer, producing the strongest rated wall ties ( for concrete forming ) used in conjunction with its exclusive time saving “PinLock” attached hardware and proprietary gasket side rail.  Western's hand-set and crane-set “BIG Panel” concrete wall forms are recognized as the most durable forms for concrete. Industry experts and the crew members who use these concrete wall forms on a daily basis in over 50 countries all agree. Western Forms are the #1 rated, most long-lasting and labor saving, aluminum forming systems available!

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10 Reasons Why...
No. 6 :
Best Professional Services
Western Forms system users receive the best professional services available.
  • Structure / project cost comparisons
  • Cycle time / labor estimates
  • Form layout (CAD) services
  • Custom structure features included with system
  • On site field training
  • New project "reconfiguration"
  • On-going technical support for life of system
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